Light Weight Aluminum Pivot Door

Pivot Door Inc makes the best aluminum skinned honey comb pivot doors on the market. Our door are extremely light weight, high strength, and guaranteed warp free for 50 years.

Unlike other all aluminum pivot doors, our patented and patent pending construction methods use a high tech wood grid foam core construction, with targeted metallic stiffeners internal to ensure long term stability and rigidity of your pivot door panel. This means that our panels are stronger than steel, pound for pound, and incredibly light for their size.

The Beauty of Aluminum with the Simplicity of Wood

All of our high end custom architectural pivot door panels come with custom solid wood internal blocking. This means you can us our panels with and hardware of your choice to match the latches to the rest of your project or design a doorway for a one of a kind design.

We provide internal solid wood blocking to meet you specifications. There are no special tools or skills required to install hinges in our door products. Every internal part of our core is easily and safely cut or worked with standard wood blades and tools. Metal skinned doors – including aluminum, cold rolled steel, and hot rolled steel – have the option to be supplied with laser cut openings from your supplied CAD drawings.

Oversize Aluminum Pivot Doors

We make the biggest aluminum pivot doors on the market. For Pivot Door Inc, there is no door too big or too small for our team of highly motivated expert pivot door designs and fabricators.

We make seamless aluminum face pivot door panels up to 5′ wide and as tall as you like. Laser cut aluminum panels can extend to 5′ by 10′ in size.

Every pivot door we make is design custom, specifically for your project to fit your needs and requirements. If aluminum is in your future, then let us supply you with the large pivot door of your dreams.

Light Weight Aluminum Doors

Pivot Door Inc panels are extremely light compared to other pivot doors on the market. Our proprietary core material may be the strongest on the market. With a strength exceeding 650 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound, our doors are guaranteed to be flat forever with an iron clad structural guarantee.

Our wood core is the height of high technology, leaving our panels as one third the weight of a comparable wooden door, but with extreme strength and completely flexible finish.

Complete and Custom Based on Your Needs

Our aluminum pivot doors are complete custom solutions for you specific architectural pivot doors needs. Every panel is made custom to your needs, specifically based on your provided dimensions, height and width, with a wide range of possible thicknesses from 3/4″ to 6″+.

We provide optional edge banding to meet your finishing needs, or we can leave the edges raw wood for easy finishing and application of additional edge banding on site or in your shop.

How Can We Help You?

Contact us with details on your next project. And let us show you how we can help. Free consolations available upon request.

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