Modern Front Doors

The latest trend in modern front doors is literally reaching new heights in introducing the large pivot door which is big front door which leaves a lasting impression. These large modern front doors are taller, wider, and thicker than other entry doors, and immediately grasp the attention of anyone approaching the structure. It is this first impression which makes the curb appeal of these large modern front doors so desirable.

We are very excited about this growing trend because we specialize in large pivot doors. In fact, we are the only manufacturer of large pivot doors made of any flat building material that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years. No other door manufacturer can make such a claim.

Who has heard of a large wooden pivot door backed by a 50-year structure and warp-free guarantee? The only way to accomplish such a feat is to feature our patented and patent-pending warp-free and straightening support technologies embedded within the pivot door structure resulting in the highest performance modern pivot doors in the world.

Architects are specifying these new pivot door technologies to assure long life and increased customer satisfaction and it’s not just because of the 50-year guarantee. They know, based on our modern pivot door technology, that we don’t just build the lightest weight and strongest pivot doors but that we also fully insulate each modern front door for added safety and security.

Insulation is added in all our exterior warp-free modern front doors which provide increased climate control and sound deadening qualities as well as being the top of the line for a weatherproof pivot front door.

When you are considering the most unique front doors, you want a custom pivot front door that stands out from the pack. To ensure that each pivot door is like an elegant work of art, we don’t even offer a standard pivot front door.

All Pivot Door Inc modern front doors are one of a kind. Each pivot door is custom built to architectural specifications and can be made of any available material, such as any species of natural wood grain, aluminum, brass, bronze, ceramic, cold rolled steel, concrete, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, FRP, galvanized steel, glass (opaque), hot rolled steel, Kevlar, MDF, plaster, stainless steel, or tile, just to name a few.

Of course, it takes a team of highly qualified professional to deliver the kind of high end premium modern doors which feature our proprietary pivot door technologies, so we team up with only the finest millworks, woodworking artisans, and custom door manufacturers to deliver the most unique oversize doors available from any pivot door company.

Our exterior pivot doors outperform any other pivot door in side by side tests and demonstrations, and that’s why you will find our modern pivot doors from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between.

So, if you’re looking for only the best modern front doors available, contact your favorite millwork or custom door manufacturer and have them contact us to make all your pivot door dreams come true.

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