Fierce Competition Rocks an Industry

By Michael Davenport

In recent years, a number of growing factors have been sending pivot door companies fleeing while clutching their blankets.  More and more companies have entered the business, meaning increased competition is making things more and more difficult for many companies.  With so many companies in the industry, customers are becoming confused about who is honest, and which companies make the best products. Customer confusion has paralyzed them from being able to make appropriate decisions about which doors to purchase.  Companies that manufacture poor quality, budget doors that don’t stand the test of time, leaving consumers totally lacking in confidence regarding what the industry can offer them.


In a scenario of fierce competition, many competitors fail because they cannot provide the quality customers are looking for.  There are many areas where manufacturers fail when it comes to manufacturing large pivot doors. The first is light weight. Pivot doors must be light as possible, because without the light weight, your door can put undue stress on the hardware and the door frame.  This can result in broken hardware and cracking, especially if the door is oversized. Weight can add up very fast with an over-sized door, because the bigger the door is the more materials are used. Because our doors are lighter than any other door in the industry, you can have much larger doors compared to doors from other manufacturers.

Another area where they fail is because the doors are far too weak.  So many doors can’t even prevent an intruder from getting in. Doors must be very strong, and extra size means the doors must be even stronger to maintain structural stability.  You need substantial strength to make sure the door does not bend or break. If the door breaks the door will no longer meet AWI standards. Because larger doors are more susceptible to warping, you will need doors that are made to standards better than AWI to maintain flatness even considering great sizes of doors.

When it comes to large pivot doors, the third area the doors must exceed in is in terms of warp resistance, AWI standards determines the warp tolerance on each door.  They must be very flat, but doors must exceed AWI expectations if they are expected to perform well over time. Even a small amount of warping can cause your pivot door to cease to function.  It is important that your doors are flat from the start.

That is why, here at Large Pivot Doors, we manufacture only the best door cores.  We make sure all of our door cores have the best possible strength, built with the highest rigidity to make sure your doors will not break or warp.  All of our doors are built to standards higher than AWI. When you need the strength, the light weight qualities, the warp free according to AWI standard, and the most appealing skins on the market, you must come to  Go to our pricing page and click on the button to order today!

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