Pivot Door Inc Warp Free Pivot Doors

Large Warp-free Pivot Door
Large Warp-free Pivot Door

Pivot Door Inc uses a patented pivot door substrate enabling us to help pivot door manufactures create pivot doors with the best features of any other pivot doors currently in use and in need of replacement due to warping or other failure.

Thanks to Pivot Door Inc, it is now possible to create pivot doors of any size – even extremely large pivoting doors, up to 40 ft. – that will not warp or otherwise fail.

Standard sized pivot doors do not have a tendency to warp, so there is not real need for Pivot Door Inc doors, unless there are other challenges needing resolution for continued maintenance free operation of your pivot door over time.

Entry Door Sizes

Our pivot doors shine – and outperform all other pivot doors made – if over 48 pivot door (48 inches wide) or 8 pivot door (8 ft. pivot door tall).

Natural Wood Pivot Door

Pivoting Wall
Pivoting Wall

Pivot Door Inc pivot door cores are so strong (660 PSI) that they can host any flat building material on the exterior pivot door and still be guaranteed to be warp free for 50 years, even if it is a wood pivot door, featuring any type of natural wood surface material. Wooden pivot doors (especially if oversized) are well-known for warping.

Pivot Door with GlassPivot door hawaii pivot doors

The lightweight and high strength of Pivot Door Inc pivoting door non-warping substrates are perfect for creating 48 inch French doors that pivot. We are even seeing an increase in 36 inch French doors functioning with pivot door hardware on the rise, as we dominate the high end tall pivot doors, like 8 ft. French doors or taller pivot doors.

Pivot Door Inc pivot door blanks can be custom glass cut outs for any size or shape of pivot door lite opening.

Exterior Pivot Door

Warp free pivot door 21 ft tall metal pivot door incOur pivot door substrates feature non-warping substructure grids filled with rigid insulation wall-to-wall for the best exterior pivot that we know of, if the pivoting door is over 36 inches wide and 7 feet tall. Plus, you get the added value of an R-value that helps to protect the inside of your structure from heat and cold while also adding sound deadening qualities for added safety and security.

Large Pivot Door

Every pivot door by Pivot Door Inc can qualify for full warp-free performance for 50 years, even if the pivot door is very large (up to 50 ft.) and used in exterior applications. To qualify for the 50 year warranty, the door must be designed and manufactured for the intended use of the door.

Exterior Pivot Door Challenge

In fact, if you can find a better exterior door in terms of all of the following Pivot Door Inc benefits:
> Lightweight
> High strength
> Insulation
> Warp-free
> Eco-friendly

We will send you $100 and will refer business to the company, if they can build a better Eco-friendly exterior pivot door in terms of lightweight, high strength, insulation, warp-free performance. The truth is, we know of no better way to accomplish all these benefits in a single door (that could be any size) and can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years.

Pivot Door Guarantee

Pivot Door Inc pivoting doors can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail (including full structure) for 50 years.

Pivot door guarantee details: Guaranteed Pivot Door Inc pivot doors will come with a certificate of warranty fully guaranteeing the pivoting door for a full 50 years. Keep in mind, the door will be manufactured to the specifications provided by the architect or designer, and designed for the prescribed function of the pivot door. For instance, purchasing an pivot door blank designed for interior use that is later repurposed for exterior use would void the 50 year guarantee for that particular pivot door.

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