Pivoting Pocket Door

If you’ve ever had to be in charge of the maintenance of a large pivoting pocket door, you know how problematic the issues are with large pivoting pocket doors.


Why a Pivoting Pocket Door Fails

1 Warped Doors

The biggest problem with failing pivoting pocket doors is that they tend to fail due to warping. It is important that the pivot door remain straight and true to slide securely into its pocket when in the open position. If the pivot door is warped, it will fail to slide in and out of its receptacle properly. Also warping can cause surface damage as the pivot door rubs against the pocket frame, as well as making it difficult to properly maintain the doors seal.

2 Heavy Doors

One way to combat warping doors is to manufacture the large pivoting pocket door of heavy materials (like steel, for instance). This is an effective method of keeping the door straight but causes other problems. Heavy doors require heavy duty hardware, as the hardware is matched to the weight of the door. The heavier the door, the more expensive the hardware; it is not uncommon for the heavy duty pivoting pocket door hardware to exceed the cost of the door.

Regular use of a heavy door sliding along a sliding door track (and also pivoting with pivot door hardware) causes stress and strain on the hardware and the structure to which the hardware is attached. This leads to increased maintenance over time, not only of the door but also of the structure supporting the door.


The Pivoting Pocket Door Solution

1 Warp-free Doors

At Pivot Door Inc., we have access to patented warp-free technology which enables us to build a pivoting pocket door infrastructure that can be warp-free regardless of the surface material of the door, even if it is made of wood. As glamorous as solid wood is, it is almost impossible to keep it flat and true unless it has our patented warp-free door core inside.

50 Year Guarantee

Our premium pivoting pocket door can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years!

2 Lightweight Doors

The issue of weight is eliminated due to the patented solid structural core inside every warp-free pivoting pocket door. Our pivoting pocket doors weigh a fraction of other solid core door. The secret is the vertical grain torsion box/rigid foam composite core that creates a infrastructure that is not only lightweight, but stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound. No other solid core door can be so strong or so light.


Pivoting Pocket Door Finishing

While we do solve the problems associated with large pivoting pocket doors, we only specialize in the door’s base material. That is to say, we do not provide finishing, framing or hardware, nor do we supply anyone with a pre-hung pivoting pocket door.

How Do I Get a Pivoting Pocket Door?

We are the manufacturer of the warp-free lightweight and extremely strong pivoting pocket doors which are finished, mounted, matched to the appropriate hardware and installed by custom door manufacturers, millworks and contractors in your area.

Simply contact your local door manufacturer, millwork or other trade professional. Tell them you want a warp-free solution and have them contact us at Pivot Door Inc. They will likely qualify as a vendor of our materials.

Feel free to get a Price Estimate or Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.

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