Pivot Door 101
A “pivot door” refers to a swinging door that rotates on a spindle as opposed to butt hinges affixed to a frame.  Pivot doors are normally larger and heavier than typical hinged doors…. very large door panels are used to give your project that ‘wow’ factor.
revolving door
Revolving door
  The swing pattern of a pivot door is different than a hinged door (see graphic on top).  We can place the pivot spindle at any location.  Assuming an inswing door, the further the spindle is placed from the side frame, the larger the “tail” or the portion of the door that swings to the exterior.  The determining factor for the spindle location is most often dependent on the width of the door panel….larger the door panel width, the further from the frame the spindle is placed.  For ex: a 42″ wide door, the spindle will normally be placed at about 6″ from the frame in order to allow for the remaining 36″ for clear opening width / for a door that is 48″ wide, the spindle is often placed at 10-12″ from frame. A traditional hinged door should be chosen for door widths less than 42″ wide.  Pivot doors are best for doors larger than 42″ wide. Pivot doors operate smoothly and in the case of an entry door, are an elegant first impression.  Pivot door systems are also used in various commercial environments as well as indoor bathrooms, spas, workout rooms, etc. On the right is a diagram of a revolving door. These are typically seen at airports and large buildings. They are also installed at some banks for added security.

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