Leave it to the Professionals

Pivot Door Inc. proudly supplies the best pivot doors to the most luxurious homes in the US. Our cutting edge technologies are always improving in order to bring you the absolute best pivot doors. Our pivot doors are only a fraction of the weight of traditionally built doors. But dont think that we sacrificed strength to shed some pounds.

We Never Sacrifice Strength.

Our Doors are heavily reinforced to remain truly flat for many years to come. We produce the lightest high strength doors using our patented and revolutionary technologies. This allows us to create greatly over sized pivot doors without any concerns of warping or structural failure of any kind. Our doors are among the most durable on the market.

We use a highly precise and specialized design to create such revolutionary doors. The substrate makes all of the difference. Our substrate has been built to withstand hundreds of pounds, not many doors can do this. Hollow core doors would separate and fold in half, solid wood doors would crack and break, all while our doors will only show slight deflection. No other door company can achieve this.

All of our doors are backed with a 50 year guarantee. This means we guarantee that your door will maintain its structural integrity for 50+ years! No other company can make a guarantee like this. Other door manufacturers will guarantee their doors for about 1 year, because they know that shortly after that time, their doors will lose their integrity and potentially fail.

When a door fails, it can be potentially dangerous. Sometimes the door will just not operate properly, other times it can fall from the mounting hardware. This could cause serious injury to anyone nearby. So don’t risk injury, get the best built doors on the market!

Here at Pivot Door Inc. we are proud to supply the best lightweight doors on the market. We build our doors to your custom specs. Whatever you need in your door, we can make it happen.

We have a large selection of Skin choices. The skin of the door is the outer layer, which is the surface to be seen by all. We offer many species of wood staves, plywood, marine plywood, MDF, HPL, FRP, various metals, hardboard, magnesium board, and many many more.

We even offer options to include cut-outs for window placements. We do not install windows, however we will provide a secure opening for their placement. Just be sure to specify exactly what you would like as well as where you would like it. Once you are in contact with our salesperson, we can customize your new pivot door however you would like.

The Sky is the Limit

No one can make doors as precisely and as structurally sound as we can. Leave it to the professionals! Come to Pivot Door Inc. with you custom door needs!

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