Pivot Door Questions and Answers

How much does a pivot door cost?

A pivot door costs more than a regular door, because of the exacting engineering requirements of a panel with only two points of contact. Unlike hinge doors, where the third hinge can be used to force out a certain amount of warpage, pivot doors must maintain perfect straightness without the help of door hardware.

For this reason, pivot doors can cost between $200 and $20,000 dollars, depending on the overall size and finishing options.

Are pivot doors dangerous?

Because they expose an extra wide access to the pinch points of the door near the hinge and interior portion of the hinge side, there is some additional potential for harmful interaction with a pivot door. However, just like any door, pivot doors need to be respected.

Luckily, the patented extremely light weight door panels provide exclusively by Pivot Door Inc offer exceptional safety when it comes to large and over size pivot door installations. Our panels are 1/3rd the weight of comparable doors, and are preferred by architects, millworks, and designers for pivot doors from 8’x4′ to greater than 30′ installations.

With Pivot Door Inc, you need not fear your pivot door! 

Best Large PIvot Doors from Pivotdoorinc
Best Large PIvot Doors from Pivotdoorinc

What is a pivot hinge door?

A pivot door hinge is the key component of a pivot door. The generally connect to the floor and ceiling of the door frame. Unlike traditional hinges, which rotate parallel to the wall they are connected to, pivot door hinges rotate perpendicularly to their connected surface. For this reason, pivot door hinges have a different construction method, usually consisting of a form of thrust bearing, rather than a traditional pin a knuckle configuration.

How do you fit a pivot door?

With pivot door installation, it is essential that the axis of rotation, and thus the door panel itself, be install perfectly plumb. The key part of the installation is determining the location of the bottom pivot point. Layout this location carefully, so that the pivot panel has equal clearance on both sides, and is able to operate freely.

Next, use plumb or laser level to accurately position the top pivot door hinge directly above the bottom hinge. Any inaccuracy at this stage could result in the pivot door hitting the ground during operation, or otherwise not functioning up to the highest standards of Pivot Door Inc.

Lastly, fix the hardware to the frame, and install the panel on the pivot door hardware. Most pivot door hardware systems allow some amount of fine adjustment of door hinge operation after installation is complete.


How do you fix a pivot door?

Here at Pivot Door Inc, we make entirely custom panels for use as replacement pivot doors panel. All we need is the existing panel’s length, width, thickness, and pivot point. Using this information we can fabricate a custom pivot panel to meet your exact style preferences.

Once our pivot door is in your hands, simply remove the existing panel and fit your Pivot Door Inc panel to the existing hardware.

Pivot Door Inc panels are workable with standard wood working tools.

What is a pivot door?

A pivot door is a door that rotates along a vertical axis that is not necessarily along one of the edges, and is affixed to the floor and ceiling of the door frame rather than one of the walls. Pivot doors offer a unique look and can be used for very large or wider doors. For very wide doors where room for a sliding door is not available, a pivot door can be a good option, because the space for operation is the least among all of the commonly used door types.

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  1. Hello, we are working with an architect to redesign our house and want to consider a pivot door. Current opening to fit a door and frame is 6ft wide by 8ft high.

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