Pivoting Door

We are so glad to be the supplier of the most prestigious pivot door manufacturers with our premium pivot door blanks to create some of the most impressive and elegant large pivot doors in the world that can be guaranteed to be warp-free for 50 years.

pivot wall pivoting door warp free maple wood pivot door pivoting wallWe are so fortunate to be able to provide such a valuable service to the pivot door community. Even the most high end pivot door companies tell us that, “the problem with pivot doors is they warp.” They are so grateful when we can provide them with warp-free pivot doors for their best clients.

Pivot Door Inc large pivot doors can be made in any style of pivot door in any size, up to 50 ft. tall and still be guaranteed not to warp. The doors can be designed to have any appearance or feature any surface material for either classic or modern pivot doors. This also makes them in high demand as high end architectural replacement doors and they can be featured in historical restorations and in old houses seamlessly.

Increasingly, we are being specified by architects in the design of their pivot doors for that very reason; they know our architectural pivot doors are the only warp free pivot door.

When specified as a pivot front door, your Pivot Door Inc pivoting door can have the look and feel of a traditional solid pivot door at a fraction of the weight without compromising strength. Our door substrates are constructed using a proprietary patented core material that is high precision, and has been University tested to be stronger than steel pound per pound.

A pivot main door has problems, mostly because you have varying climates on either side of the door. The nature of the material featured on the exterior surfaces of the pivot door will cause it to bend, this way or that, compromising both the door and the door’s seal. The failed door will require a service visit from your door company or contractor. Not so, if you have a door that does not fail.

Millworks and wood workers enjoy working with our Eco-friendly pivot door core because you can use regular wood working tools and methods to work with the material.

architectural steel pivot door haot rolled steel pivot sliding door hardwareArchitectural steel pivot doors can now outperform the architectural steel doors of the past thanks to this new revolutionary material for building high performance architectural steel doors. The core pivot door material has extremely high tolerances (+/- .006 in.) and the external steel surfaces are bonded with the best formaldehyde-free adhesives to the solid composite substrate.

Pivot Wall. A contemporary use of our lightweight, high-strength pivot doors is as a pivoting wall, where each pivot door is used as a rotating wall panel. Many of these pivot wall panels can be placed side by side on a pivoting sliding door track, so that in the opened position, the doors can be both swiveled and slid aside for wide open access as a new generation of room divider.

You can get the most advanced custom large pivot door blanks by contacting your favorite pivot door manufacturer or while reviewing pivot doors designs in your main door design catalogue. You may find pivot doors made with our pivot door core material inside. While our pivot door panels make the best pivot doors, we don’t actually complete or finish the doors. The finish work is left to the pivot door manufacturer or millwork to make ready for installation.

Large pivot doors do not have to necessarily be the most expensive door and they can still be warp-free. You may be surprised to learn that our doors are affordable pivot doors and due to being so lightweight, you can use less expensive pivot door hardware, even when using a large pivot. The less expensive entrance door hardware will also be less likely to fail due to the increased performance of your pivot door.

Whether you are designing and pivot door, a pivot door manufacturer, working with a pivot door manufacturer or millwork on a custom pivot door project, be sure to mention, “I want a warp free pivot door.” We will set your pivot door free from warping and guarantee it not to warp or structurally fail for 50 years.

Modern Pivot Doors

Introducing Pivot Door Inc’s Eco-friendly modern pivot door that is stronger and lighter weight than any other door and is guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years!

Pivot door inc modern pivot door warp free wood pivot doorWe use the most revolutionary patented pivot door core to achieve the ultimate non warping characteristics found in our pivot doors. Each modern pivot door is fully insulated, sound deadening and can be guaranteed warp-free for fifty years.

This new generation of pivot doors are the fastest growing segment among large pivot door options in luxury homes and mansions. This new technology allows us to build a high precision (+/- .006 in) large pivot door that is lightweight (a fraction of the weight of other pivot doors) without compromising structure strength (660 PSI) as they are stronger than steel pound for pound.


Modern Wood Pivot Doors

This new method of manufacturing pivot doors can produce a wood pivoting door that is not only lighter in weight and super strong but can be guaranteed not to warp?

How to Build a Modern Pivot Door

How to build a large wood modern pivot door warp free pivot doorModern pivot doors (even if they are wood pivot doors) start with the true green technology of the tried and true torsion box structure that is a well known woodworkers’ trade secret for a thousand years, only this patented material takes torsion box to the next level to produce pivoting warp free entrance doors.

The smaller the torsion boxes inside the modern pivot door, the stronger the doors. So we use a natural wood material to create the smallest torsion boxes (2 in. x 2 in.) for superior strength, but we don’t stop there. Next, we fill the little boxes with rigid recycled foam using formaldehyde-free glue for unprecedented shear strength.

This composite modern pivot door core is the secret inside our warp free pivot doors.

Warp-free Large Pivot Doors

Modern pivot doors warp free entrance doors for homes pivot door incWarp-free modern pivot doors can come in any shape, style, type, size or thickness. We have built extremely large pivot doors that were 37 feet tall (those were the tallest doors that we’ve built, so far). Modern pivot doors are built to architectural specifications and are much more affordable than you might think.

These affordable pivot doors sell for a fraction of the price of other custom pivot doors that range in price from $10,000 to $50,000 but outperform any other pivoting door in terms of weight, strength and ability to stay straight and flat virtually forever.

Pivoting Metal Door

Modern pivot doors could be manufactured of metal. The most popular types of metal requested recently include aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, brass and copper.

Normally metal pivot doors are very expensive and heavy from interior steel framing in an effort to keep the metal pivot doors from warping, not so, when we apply our new pivot door manufacturing techniques to your new metal door. They make spectacular steel exterior double doors as entrance doors for homes.

Due to the solid nature of our pivot door substrate (no portion of the pivot door core is hollow) you have a solid front door that is stronger than steel, yet lightweight and fully insulated for climate control and sound deadening qualities.

We believe (and you will, too) that this is the best method for making exterior doors.

Pivot French Doors Exterior

pivot french door exterior door warp free wood front doors for salePivot French doors are an exquisite design detail found in high end designs by famous architects and when they are in the creative process it appears the larger the pivot door the better. Pivot Door Inc French pivot doors can be utilized flawlessly in exterior applications without fail. In fact, our French pivot doors can feature custom glass cutouts of any shape and size in any size of pivot door (up to 50 ft. tall).

If that doesn’t get your architectural design juices flowing, I don’t know what does!

Imagine the possibility of enormous pivoting entrance doors with custom lite cut outs and even lead glass front doors where you have full creative control of the design appearance as well as the exterior surface material.

Certainly you could use stainless steel pivot doors for the basis of your exterior Pivot French doors or you can have your pivot French Doors exterior feature any flat building surface material such as:

Acrylic pivot door Aluminum pivot door
Beveled glass pivot door Brass pivot door
Cherry pivot door Douglas fir pivot door
Double pivot door Engineered wood pivot door
Fiberglass pivot door Glass pivot door
HPL pivot door Iron pivot door
Knotty alder pivot door MDF pivot door
Mahogany pivot door Masonite pivot door
Oak pivot door Obscure glass pivot door
Pine pivot door Polycarbonate pivot door
Porcelain pivot door Stainless steel pivot door
White oak pivot door White primed pivot door
Wood pivot door Wood veneer pivot door

And those are just among some of our most popular pivot doors. We say we can make your pivot doors out of any flat building material, some of the most unique doors that we have made have used exotic natural wood stave, Kevlar, concrete, ceramic, both cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel, and just about any material you can imagine.

Our pivot door technicians and design department can come up with the perfect composite design to give you the results only imaginable previously, plus when you get your pivot French door for exterior use, it can be imbued with the following characteristics:

Eco-friendly Pivot Doors

Our pivot doors are manufactured to the highest precision (+/- .006 in) and performance standards right here in our factory by our staff using very little energy with little or no waste using formaldehyde-free adhesives. Each one is an individual work of art, proudly made in the USA.

Lightweight Pivot Doors

Pivot Door Inc pivot doors use a patented pivot door core enabling us to make pivot doors featuring any available exterior surface weighing in at a fraction the weight of other traditional pivot doors without compromising any other features of the door. Plus, the lighter weight translates to lighter weight hardware and less strain on both the pivot hardware and the structure resulting in less maintenance over time.

High Strength Pivot Doors

No pivot door is stronger. In fact, Pivot Door Inc pivoting doors are stronger than solid steel pound for pound. This is only possible due to the patented pivot door core material that is constructed using vertical grain torsion box as the inner structure of each pivot door.

Fully Insulated Pivot Doors

Besides the structural torsion box core, instead of leaving the box voids empty, this new patented pivot door core material fills the otherwise hollow cores wall to wall with rigid lightweight foam for both unparalleled shear strength but fully insulated for climate control and sound deadening pivot door properties.

Warp-free Pivot Doors

Only Pivot Door Inc wood pivot doors can be warp free. Any of our pivot doors can be warranted not to warp, even wood grain pivot doors. Only our premium pivot door core material can prevent large door warping due to the creative expertise of our staff specializing in the creation of pivot doors of any size that can be guaranteed not to warp, thereby compromising the exterior pivot door seal.

50 Year Guaranteed Pivot Doors

Your Pivot Door Inc pivot French doors exterior doors can be guaranteed not to fail structurally nor to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail for a full 50 years.

Pivot Front Doors

When you’re ready to make a bold and elegant statement with your front door entry way, nothing is more spectacular or leaves a more lasting impression than a large pivot front door.

pivot front door unique entry doors company best wood for exterior door

If you’re looking for the perfect front door company to match your ideas for pivoting unique entry doors, you should look for a pivot door company who specializes in pivot doors. Most pivot doors are custom designs and larger than standard doors; they can easily cost $10,000 and up.

Be aware that pivot doors are often problematic for warping due to being large, oversize (the bigger the more impressive) which means your pivot door is going to be heavy… and large pivot doors have a tendency to warp with each passing season.

These challenges can be overcome by using Pivot Door Inc’s patented warp free pivot door substrate for your pivot front door.

This radical new patented approach, to making the perfect pivot front door results in a custom entry door solution that pivots with ease and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Your Pivot Door Inc pivot front door will be

High precision
Warp free
Stronger than steel pound-for-pound
Available in
Any available flat surface material
In any style
With any shape, size, style of glass lite opening
In any size; even maintenance-free pivot doors of extremely large size.

Pivot Door Hardware

Pivot door companies love using Pivot Door Inc for the basis of their guaranteed warp-free door solutions, not just because the door can be guaranteed not to warp or fail for 50 years, but the lightweight nature of you new pivot front door weighs in at a fraction of the weight of any other high end custom entry door, which means you can save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on pivot door hardware because the hardware is based on the weight of the door. The non-warp high precision accommodates any type of pivot door hinge style, like offset hinges or center hung pivot door hardware using standard Rixson pivot hinges.

Pivot front door 21 ft tall metal entry door offset hinges pivot doorMetal Entry Door

If you’re designing (or considering) the purchase of a pivoting metal entry door, a Pivot Door Inc metal pivot door is the perfect solution for the discriminating architect or homeowner. You could have the lightest weight metal door in stainless steel, cold rolled steel, and aluminum, bronze, copper or even our fastest growing hot rolled steel pivot doors, which is our hottest new metal entry door solution.

Wooden Front Doors for Sale

Pivot Door Inc wood pivot doors are available wherever you find your favorite wooden front doors for sale across the USA. One of the most common questions that we get from our customers is

What is the best wood for exterior door?

The good news is: Any wood is the best wood for an exterior door from Pivot Door Inc.

How can that that be? Again, it’s the patented insulated reinforced torsion box core that gives each pivot door the unique characteristics of being lightweight yet stronger than steel – no matter what wood species you want – and it can be guaranteed warp free for 50 years!

No other pivot door company can offer a guarantee, like that, on an exterior wood door, unless they use our patented warp-free door substrate.

Pivot Door Alternatives

Pivot Door Inc is proud to offer the widest variety of pivot door options for nearly unlimited pivot door alternatives.

What if all your pivot doors could be lightweight, high strength and guaranteed not to warp for 50 years?

non warping black walnut large wood pivot door big pivot doors

That’s exactly what you can achieve with Pivot Door Inc pivot doors. Plus you get the added benefits of having an Eco-friendly pivot door, with the highest precision and almost maintenance free operation over the life of the door. And you can be assured that your pivot door can be guaranteed for 50 years, even if they are

Exterior Pivot Doors

pivot door warp free modern pivot doors exotic woods high end homesOur modern pivot doors are the pivot door being sought out by wood workers and millworks building custom wood pivot doors for high end applications. Wood pivot doors generally are problematic due to the nature of the natural wood desired by the end user.

While the natural wood is beautiful, it does tend to move, bend, cup and/or twist especially if exposed to weather or separating two spaces with varying temperature, moisture or climate control. All Pivot Door Inc pivot doors are also pre-insulated to provide insulation value of at least R3.5 per inch (upgradeable), providing both climate control and sound deadening capabilities.

Only warp-free Pivot Door Inc pivot door substrates can be structurally guaranteed not to fail or warp no matter what the exterior door dimensions are.


Large Pivot Door

large pivot door warp free wood pivot doorsThe large pivot door is the bane of wood workers and millworks attempting to achieve high performance standards of specified large pivot doors. In fact, they are such the cause of great distress or annoyance that standard pivot door manufacturers will not accept the large pivot door jobs because of the dissatisfaction that comes with having to make repeated service calls due to warping pivot doors.

Not a problem for modern pivot doors by Pivot Door Inc; ours are the only pivoting doors that will not warp regardless of the size or exposure to the elements. Your front door dimension can be any size (some recent non-warping large pivot doors that we helped create were 37 ft tall) height, width and almost any thickness and still be guaranteed not to warp, bend or twist for 50 full years, even if your pivot door is a wood pivot door.

Mission Impossible Pivot Door

pivot door 37 ft tall aluminum pivot doors 50 year non warp guaranteeBefore the discovery of our patented warp-free pivot door substrate it was strictly impossible to build a lightweight high strength pivot door that would not warp. If the pivot door is over 7 ft tall and/or 4 ft wide, you are asking for trouble leading to extra expenses in hardware, installation and maintenance.

Most large pivot doors are extremely heavy; they need the added weight and material (sometimes interior steel framing) in an attempt to mitigate the damages that will present themselves from the regular performance of the large pivot door’s operation.

Your exterior large contemporary pivot door can look amazing following installation but commonly fail soon or during the next season.

Once the pivot door moves and the pivot door seal is compromised, repair, maintenance increase and these large pivot doors must be replaced periodically.

Why not buy a warp-free pivot door?

Really, if you’re going to treat your home’s elegant pivot front door like an investment – like a work of art – then why not treat yourself to the best pivot door; and look for these characteristics:

High strength
High performance
High precision
Sound deadening
Maintenance free

Pivot Door Inc pivot doors can be built to your specifications, guaranteed to last and remain warp-free for 50 years.

Pivoting Secret Door

Pivot door wall with hidden door secret door man doorIt is well known that pivot Door Inc pivot door are lightweight, high strength and can be guaranteed to remain warp free for 50 years (including full structure warranty).

There is no question that when it comes to large pivot doors, that Pivot Door Inc pivot doors out-perform all other pivot doors and are the only pivot doors with a 50 year guarantee.

But you might ask, what other applications utilize the unique attributes of Pivot Door Inc doors?

Secret Doors

Building a secret door hidden door secret doorwaysHigh end homeowners are seeking out the best architects, contractors and millworks to custom design and build a variety of secret doors to be installed in their exquisite homes.

They offer to hide a particular space from the naked eye. Having a lightweight and perfectly balanced pivot door makes installation less problematic for long-term maintenance-free performance over the life of the hidden door.

A secret door or hidden door looks just like a wall – usually at the end of a hallway – yet releasing the secret hidden latch and swiveling the pivoting wall reveals an opening to an extremely private and secluded area.

This area could be used as a safe room or a secret hiding place for valuables.

Bookshelf Door

Bookshelf door secret concealed insulated pivoting bookshelves wallAnother similar use of the Pivot Door Inc lightweight high strength pivot door, is as a bookshelf door. When using the patented non-warping material for both the bookcase and the shelves creates a perfectly balanced mechanism to easily accommodate pivot door hardware.

The bookcase door could be used as a room divider or temporary wall to separate two living areas. The hidden door hardware is quickly and easily installed by your contractor, carpenter or door manufacturer.

A secret bookcase door could be used to maximize the effective enjoyable space in the place of any door in a den, garage, study, living room, office or bedroom. These pivoting secret bookcase doors outperform the sliding bookcase walls because the pivoting hardware is much better than sliding door hardware in terms of remaining maintenance free.

Whether you’re looking for hidden doors in walls or secret doorways, building your secret door with a Pivot Door Inc insulated warp-free pivot door will make you feel safer and more secure over time knowing that you have the top-of-the-line secret door.