Cedar Pivot Door

Warm and inviting, cedar pivot doors combine the traditional feel of wood with the clean lines of modern pivot door design. Increasingly popular in architectural designs, a cedar pivot door from Pivot Door Inc might just be the perfect fit your project’s front door or accent door.

Cedar Pivot Doors At Any Size

Our bespoke custom pivot door solutions are available for openings of any size. From a typical 4’x8′ front door to large pivot exceeding 30′ in length, our door solution fits the bill. Pivot Door Inc’s patented and patent pending core material means that you get the convincing look of real wood, yet at only 1/3rd the weight and with an unparalleled 50 year warp-free guarantee. You will not find these qualities in any other pivot door on the market, especially large oversized entry doors.

Pivot doors are extra special in the door field, because they can be difficult to get right. With only two points of contact, they must be absolutely strong and rigid, above what a sliding or side hinge door needs to be. At Pivot Door Inc, large pivots our our bread and butter. See what the top millworks and multimillion dollar home owners are raving about, and get a Pivot Door Inc door for yourself.

Horizontal Wood Stave, Vertical Wood Stave, Or Veneer

While many makers offer veneer, and some offer vertical wood stave, we are one of only few makers in the industry who are able to confidently offer horizontal wood stave options. (See top photo)

Horizontal wood stave offers a brilliant and modern look that stands out in the crowded architectural design community. And, for budget conscious designs, horizontal staves often provide a significant price reduction since shorter lengths of pristine wood can be used, which is usually easier to source.

For those who want a more classic look, we offer vertical wood stave as well as slip match or book match veneer in almost any wood species available on the market

Ceder Varities

We offer cedar doors in the following varieties

  • Wester Red Cedar Pivot Door
  • Northern White Cedar Pivot Door
  • Eastern Red (Aromatic) Cedar Pivot Door
  • Yellow Cedar Pivot Door
  • Spanish Cedar Pivot Door
  • Port Orford Cedar Pivot Door
  • Other

Contact us if you have any questions on what varieties of cedar we have available. We also have many other varieties of wood pivot doors available as well as paint grade, steel, aluminum, marker board, plastics, and Formica.

Cedar Pivot Door Staining and Finishing

Pivot Door Inc is a premier provider of high end custom cedar pivot door panels. However, we do not offer finishing, staining, hardware, or installation on our end. Our role is to supply high end panels to millworks, contractors, and other door professionals who have the skills and equipment to properly finish and install your pivot door panel.

If you are not a professional in the door business, we recommend you contact a reputable AWI registered millwork in your area. If you are not able to find a millwork that you trust, please contact us for further help.

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