Advantages of Owning a Pivot Door

Investing in a pivot doors could be one of the proudest moments in your entire life. Pivot doors have many advantages over traditional hinge doors that make them stand above the competition.

Best Large PIvot Doors from Pivotdoorinc
Best Large PIvot Doors from Pivotdoorinc

Pivot Door Pros and Cons

Why are pivot doors better than side hinge doors? The primary benefit of pivot doors are their unique style and swing profile. Pivot doors can make more economical use of space than side hinge doors, depending on the pivot point placement.

Pivot doors support the weight of the door directly on the floor, rather than the wall, and are suitable for very large doors, or oversize entry way doors that would otherwise stress the bearing wall.

Because a pivot door’s point of rotation can be chosen almost at will, it can be placed closer to the door’s center of gravity. This makes larger, heaver, more impressive door easier to operate than a hinge door would be.

Are Pivot Doors Dangerous?

There is no reason that a pivot door should be more dangerous that traditional hinge doors. Both pivot and side hinges offer pinch points that could be susceptable to the propensity for operator damage if misused. Although there is some room for argument that pivot doors are actually safer, in that the only pinch points are on the top and bottom of the panel near the hinge, rather than all along the edge of the door, in the end both pivot doors are certainly not particularly dangerous among door varieties.

In all events, be sure to operate your pivot doors, and doors of all varieties with safety and reverence.

Pivot Door Mechanism

Pivot doors function via two rotational hinges installed in line at a chosen pivot location along the length of the door panel. This hinge mechanism allows panels to move more freely, given the point of rotation is nearer to the center of mass of the panel.

When building a pivot door, take care that your panel strong enough to remain perfectly straight without extra support from the hinges. Unlike side hinge doors, warping in the door panel cannot be rectified by hinge strength alone.

Large Pivot Door

Oversize, large architectural pivot doors are the cream of the crop when it comes to noteworthy residential entrance doors. Their regal air and modern appearance set their owners in a class of their own, above the common riffraff about the neighborhood.

Pivot Hinge Door

8 out of 10 pivot hinge door professionals agree that pivot hinges are the superior hinge. Take a step above the Home Depot special, and work your way to a glorious pivot hinge panel.

But, don’t settle for any less than the patented, high strength, lightweight core provided only by Large Sliding Doors. The nation’s premier supplier of Large Sliding Doors to industry professionals architects, millworks, and contractors.

revolving door
Pivot Door Detail

Pivot Door Detail

See above for detailed pivot door drawing. Every element of a large oversize pivot door is represented including hinge point, and weather proofing interface.

Here at Large Sliding Doors we provide preliminary shops that show internal construction of all our panels at no additional cost to the client. In many cases we can provide complete shops upon request immediately after providing and initial price quote.

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