Pivot French Doors Exterior

pivot french door exterior door warp free wood front doors for salePivot French doors are an exquisite design detail found in high end designs by famous architects and when they are in the creative process it appears the larger the pivot door the better. Pivot Door Inc French pivot doors can be utilized flawlessly in exterior applications without fail. In fact, our French pivot doors can feature custom glass cutouts of any shape and size in any size of pivot door (up to 50 ft. tall).

If that doesn’t get your architectural design juices flowing, I don’t know what does!

Imagine the possibility of enormous pivoting entrance doors with custom lite cut outs and even lead glass front doors where you have full creative control of the design appearance as well as the exterior surface material.

Certainly you could use stainless steel pivot doors for the basis of your exterior Pivot French doors or you can have your pivot French Doors exterior feature any flat building surface material such as:

Acrylic pivot door Aluminum pivot door
Beveled glass pivot door Brass pivot door
Cherry pivot door Douglas fir pivot door
Double pivot door Engineered wood pivot door
Fiberglass pivot door Glass pivot door
HPL pivot door Iron pivot door
Knotty alder pivot door MDF pivot door
Mahogany pivot door Masonite pivot door
Oak pivot door Obscure glass pivot door
Pine pivot door Polycarbonate pivot door
Porcelain pivot door Stainless steel pivot door
White oak pivot door White primed pivot door
Wood pivot door Wood veneer pivot door

And those are just among some of our most popular pivot doors. We say we can make your pivot doors out of any flat building material, some of the most unique doors that we have made have used exotic natural wood stave, Kevlar, concrete, ceramic, both cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel, and just about any material you can imagine.

Our pivot door technicians and design department can come up with the perfect composite design to give you the results only imaginable previously, plus when you get your pivot French door for exterior use, it can be imbued with the following characteristics:

Eco-friendly Pivot Doors

Our pivot doors are manufactured to the highest precision (+/- .006 in) and performance standards right here in our factory by our staff using very little energy with little or no waste using formaldehyde-free adhesives. Each one is an individual work of art, proudly made in the USA.

Lightweight Pivot Doors

Pivot Door Inc pivot doors use a patented pivot door core enabling us to make pivot doors featuring any available exterior surface weighing in at a fraction the weight of other traditional pivot doors without compromising any other features of the door. Plus, the lighter weight translates to lighter weight hardware and less strain on both the pivot hardware and the structure resulting in less maintenance over time.

High Strength Pivot Doors

No pivot door is stronger. In fact, Pivot Door Inc pivoting doors are stronger than solid steel pound for pound. This is only possible due to the patented pivot door core material that is constructed using vertical grain torsion box as the inner structure of each pivot door.

Fully Insulated Pivot Doors

Besides the structural torsion box core, instead of leaving the box voids empty, this new patented pivot door core material fills the otherwise hollow cores wall to wall with rigid lightweight foam for both unparalleled shear strength but fully insulated for climate control and sound deadening pivot door properties.

Warp-free Pivot Doors

Only Pivot Door Inc wood pivot doors can be warp free. Any of our pivot doors can be warranted not to warp, even wood grain pivot doors. Only our premium pivot door core material can prevent large door warping due to the creative expertise of our staff specializing in the creation of pivot doors of any size that can be guaranteed not to warp, thereby compromising the exterior pivot door seal.

50 Year Guaranteed Pivot Doors

Your Pivot Door Inc pivot French doors exterior doors can be guaranteed not to fail structurally nor to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail for a full 50 years.

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