Pivot Sliding Door

Pivot Door Inc’s pivot sliding door is unlike any other slide and pivot doors you’ve ever encountered as these doors are lightweight (a fraction of the weight of other solid core pivot doors), high strength (independently University-tested at 660+ PSI (stronger than steel pound for pound), dimensionally stable and able to span long expanses with little or no deflection. No other pivot sliding door made in the USA can do that and so much more.

What’s More with your Pivot Door?

Pivot Door Inc uses a patented pivot sliding door technology which enables us to provide a pivoting slider which can be used for any application, even as a pivot front door, with the highest performance standards of any other slide and pivot doors.

By seeking out an Eco-friendly pivot sliding door from Pivot Door Inc, you can sustainably enjoy the following benefits all in one fell swoop:

Insulated Slide and Pivot Doors

Our patented torsion box sliding pivot doors are packed wall to wall with sound dampening insulation which also offers improved climate control which is highly sought-after characteristic for pivot front door usage, both for sound dampening and insulation value for saving on heating and cooling costs. Our pivot door blanks are available in your choice of R3.5 (default) or R6.5 or more, for an additional upcharge.

Lightweight Pivot Sliding Door

By having a lightweight pivot sliding door, you can save thousands of dollars on expensive heavy-duty pivot sliding door hardware which is a high-ticket item based on the weight of your door. By significantly reducing the weight of the door, you can save on your pivot door hardware investment.

Plus, a lighter pivot sliding door means that every time you operate the door, either by pivoting or sliding the door, it results in less wear and tear on the hardware, the frame, and the structure, which means more saving for you over time in maintenance, repair, and replacement of your lightweight pivot sliding door.

High Strength Pivot Sliding Door

Your Pivot Door Inc pivot sliding door is so very strong. Thanks to our patented pivot door technology, the door core material enables you to have a pivot sliding door made of any readily available flat building material, yet remain straight and true, not matter what.

This unconditionally straight and true flat door blank is lightweight (as mentioned previously) yet stronger than any other solid core door.

This super strength in combination with our patent pending stiffening technology enables us to provide you with a pivot sliding door that can be covered by our,

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

This patent and patent pending composite technologies allows us to build large doors of enormous size which can be manufactured with the highest precision (patented pivot door core material with +/- .006 in. tolerances) which can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail – including full structure warranty – for 50 years.

Our 50-year warp-free guarantee is the only 50-year guarantee which is offered on pivot sliding doors, regardless of the exterior surface materials used, even natural wooden pivot doors, or the size of your sliding pivot doors.

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