Pivoting Secret Door

Pivot door wall with hidden door secret door man doorIt is well known that pivot Door Inc pivot door are lightweight, high strength and can be guaranteed to remain warp free for 50 years (including full structure warranty).

There is no question that when it comes to large pivot doors, that Pivot Door Inc pivot doors out-perform all other pivot doors and are the only pivot doors with a 50 year guarantee.

But you might ask, what other applications utilize the unique attributes of Pivot Door Inc doors?

Secret Doors

Building a secret door hidden door secret doorwaysHigh end homeowners are seeking out the best architects, contractors and millworks to custom design and build a variety of secret doors to be installed in their exquisite homes.

They offer to hide a particular space from the naked eye. Having a lightweight and perfectly balanced pivot door makes installation less problematic for long-term maintenance-free performance over the life of the hidden door.

A secret door or hidden door looks just like a wall – usually at the end of a hallway – yet releasing the secret hidden latch and swiveling the pivoting wall reveals an opening to an extremely private and secluded area.

This area could be used as a safe room or a secret hiding place for valuables.

Bookshelf Door

Bookshelf door secret concealed insulated pivoting bookshelves wallAnother similar use of the Pivot Door Inc lightweight high strength pivot door, is as a bookshelf door. When using the patented non-warping material for both the bookcase and the shelves creates a perfectly balanced mechanism to easily accommodate pivot door hardware.

The bookcase door could be used as a room divider or temporary wall to separate two living areas. The hidden door hardware is quickly and easily installed by your contractor, carpenter or door manufacturer.

A secret bookcase door could be used to maximize the effective enjoyable space in the place of any door in a den, garage, study, living room, office or bedroom. These pivoting secret bookcase doors outperform the sliding bookcase walls because the pivoting hardware is much better than sliding door hardware in terms of remaining maintenance free.

Whether you’re looking for hidden doors in walls or secret doorways, building your secret door with a Pivot Door Inc insulated warp-free pivot door will make you feel safer and more secure over time knowing that you have the top-of-the-line secret door.

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