Architectural Pivot Door

One of the trending key components in contemporary architecture design is the introduction and growing prevalence of the architectural pivot door. The architectural pivot door trend is infiltrating the building design and architectural plans of even the most prestigious architecture firm.

pivot door architecture design

Pivot doors are making an impact on contemporary architecture and design. Whether your architectural design is being envisioned by your architectural designer or building designer your Eco-friendly pivot door can offer breakthrough characteristics like lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

If you’re a commercial architect, there is a high likelihood that you are seeing an increase in requests for large pivot doors. These oversize pivot doors are replacing double door entryways in commercial buildings. We’re seeing the conversion from double doors to pivot doors in restaurants, pivot doors in office buildings, pivot doors in medical facilities and even a waiting room pivot door and could be a pivoting French door that is a pivot door with frosted glass.

We are also seeing an increase in architectural pivot door specifications in pivot doors in spas as well as pivot doors in salons across the United States. And each Pivot Door Inc commercial pivot door is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Even the high end residential architect is getting in on the elegant pivot door action. Architectural pivot doors specified for homeowners as a pivot door entry (for outstanding curb appeal) increases the impact of the first impression, when someone first encounters the upscale home. But these residential modern pivot doors are not limited to exterior applications as they are increasingly being specified by interior architects as they are installed as pivot doors in luxury apartment complexes and pivot doors inside homes.

There is no doubt about the pivot door transformation taking place as the architectural pivot door wave washes across America as the custom pivot door becomes the new re-imagined contemporary pivot door. Keep in mind that the contemporary architectural pivot door is making its appearance in architectural designs both inside and outside the most contemporary commercial and residential structures.

Warp-free Architectural Pivot Doors

Pivot Door Inc is the only contemporary pivot door solution that can offer (and fulfill) a full 50 year guarantee to not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail (full structure guarantee). No other modern pivot door can deliver or make such a claim (unless it uses our patented and patent-pending non-warp pivot door technologies). Plus, your large pivot door (of any size) can be warranted to remain warp-free for 50 years, even if it is extremely large (up to 50 ft.).

Modern architects are specifying 50 year guaranteed warp-free pivot doors for their most discerning clients, and have the ability to specify any exterior pivot door material, like any natural wood species, or:

• Aluminum pivot doors
• Concrete pivot doors
• FRP pivot doors
• Glass pivot doors
• HPL pivot doors
• Kevlar pivot doors
• LVL pivot doors
• Metal pivot doors
• Cold rolled steel pivot doors
• Hot rolled steel pivot doors
• Stainless steel pivot doors

… just to name a few.

Though your warp-free architectural pivot doors can come in any size (up to 50 ft.) or style, the most popular sizes appear to be 4×10 pivot doors and 6×10 pivot doors, and well as any other oversize pivot door.




Pivot Door Alternatives

Pivot Door Inc is proud to offer the widest variety of pivot door options for nearly unlimited pivot door alternatives.

What if all your pivot doors could be lightweight, high strength and guaranteed not to warp for 50 years?

non warping black walnut large wood pivot door big pivot doors

That’s exactly what you can achieve with Pivot Door Inc pivot doors. Plus you get the added benefits of having an Eco-friendly pivot door, with the highest precision and almost maintenance free operation over the life of the door. And you can be assured that your pivot door can be guaranteed for 50 years, even if they are

Exterior Pivot Doors

pivot door warp free modern pivot doors exotic woods high end homesOur modern pivot doors are the pivot door being sought out by wood workers and millworks building custom wood pivot doors for high end applications. Wood pivot doors generally are problematic due to the nature of the natural wood desired by the end user.

While the natural wood is beautiful, it does tend to move, bend, cup and/or twist especially if exposed to weather or separating two spaces with varying temperature, moisture or climate control. All Pivot Door Inc pivot doors are also pre-insulated to provide insulation value of at least R3.5 per inch (upgradeable), providing both climate control and sound deadening capabilities.

Only warp-free Pivot Door Inc pivot door substrates can be structurally guaranteed not to fail or warp no matter what the exterior door dimensions are.


Large Pivot Door

large pivot door warp free wood pivot doorsThe large pivot door is the bane of wood workers and millworks attempting to achieve high performance standards of specified large pivot doors. In fact, they are such the cause of great distress or annoyance that standard pivot door manufacturers will not accept the large pivot door jobs because of the dissatisfaction that comes with having to make repeated service calls due to warping pivot doors.

Not a problem for modern pivot doors by Pivot Door Inc; ours are the only pivoting doors that will not warp regardless of the size or exposure to the elements. Your front door dimension can be any size (some recent non-warping large pivot doors that we helped create were 37 ft tall) height, width and almost any thickness and still be guaranteed not to warp, bend or twist for 50 full years, even if your pivot door is a wood pivot door.

Mission Impossible Pivot Door

pivot door 37 ft tall aluminum pivot doors 50 year non warp guaranteeBefore the discovery of our patented warp-free pivot door substrate it was strictly impossible to build a lightweight high strength pivot door that would not warp. If the pivot door is over 7 ft tall and/or 4 ft wide, you are asking for trouble leading to extra expenses in hardware, installation and maintenance.

Most large pivot doors are extremely heavy; they need the added weight and material (sometimes interior steel framing) in an attempt to mitigate the damages that will present themselves from the regular performance of the large pivot door’s operation.

Your exterior large contemporary pivot door can look amazing following installation but commonly fail soon or during the next season.

Once the pivot door moves and the pivot door seal is compromised, repair, maintenance increase and these large pivot doors must be replaced periodically.

Why not buy a warp-free pivot door?

Really, if you’re going to treat your home’s elegant pivot front door like an investment – like a work of art – then why not treat yourself to the best pivot door; and look for these characteristics:

High strength
High performance
High precision
Sound deadening
Maintenance free

Pivot Door Inc pivot doors can be built to your specifications, guaranteed to last and remain warp-free for 50 years.