Walnut Veneer Large Pivot Door

9′ tall, 8′ wide walnut pivot door

There are some who say the walnut is the wood of the gods, whether Black (Dark) Walnut, Northern California Walnut, or Colombian Walnut, we are always happy to work with this material.

Every door we make is custom, to the specifications of the customer. For us, size is no object, we can make a walnut pivot door as large as you want.

Further, our panels are very light weight for their size, remain perfectly straight — no questions asked, and are stronger than steel

Perfect Flat Walnut Pivot Door Panel

Pivot Door Design

When it comes to the design of our walnut pivot doors, the slab is king. This modern design works in so many areas that a pivot door is called for. And, our patented core material makes it feel like a solid block of wood, yet without the extreme weight of propensity to warp.

Yet, the best part of our system is that any design door can be made from our panels. There is no door too big or too unusual for us to produce.

We make panels with custom blocking to fit any hardware you desire. Light openings can be added for a nominal additional cost. For our professional customers, we offer panels both untrimmed (trim yourself for reduced cost) and trimmed/sanded to final size.

Oversize Walnut Veneer Pivot Door

Large Pivot Door

The door pictured on this page is over 9 feet tall and 8 feet wide. While much larger than many manufacturers are comfortable producing, this is still relatively small compared to what we are capable of.

For our patented core material, there is almost no size too large. Whether you need large, centerpiece pivot doors all the way up to industrial size pivot doors / moving wall applications. Contact us directly for pricing for your one of a kind project

Walnut Veneer Pivot Door Panel

Pivot Doors Seattle

As a premier pivot door company, we are proud to have supplied extremely large pivot doors to the AIA in Seattle. We are a local Washington State company that operates on the Olympic Peninsula.

We source all our materials locally when possible, and manufacture our products locally as well in the United States.

AIA Seattle Oversize Pivot Doors

For American made, custom pivot doors, you have found the right company. Contact Pivot Door INC today for a pivot door quote for your next project.

Pivot Hinge Door

Our custom pivot doors function with pivot hinges of all types and descriptions. Placement of the pivot point is completely up to your design and desires.

At no additional cost, we provide custom internal solid wood blocking to match your exact design and specifications.

Walnut Veneer 9′ Panel Edge View

Installers need not learn anything about our product or used any special tools. Our panels work just like solid wood, and soft wood, foam, and aluminum of the core material will not damage wood working power tools in case of accidents or miss-cuts.

Pivot Door Lock

pivot door can often greatly enhance the aesthetic of a room or a house entrance. Pivot doors are a dramatic and contemporary alternative to the common door designs. The main advantage of a pivot door is that it is supported by a pivot on the floor with help from another pivot at the top of the door.

Pivot door locks need not be a burden. Feel confident with our panels that they are as strong as steel, pound for pound. Any criminal will rue the day they come to blows with one of our high end architectural pivot door panels.

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The best way to get pricing on our product is to submit a quote directly though our website. All quotes come with a free consultation, to make sure we can provide you with a door that exactly meets your needs at the best price possible.

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