Designer Pivot Doors

By Dave Sumari

Architects and designers have so many things to worry about that they often overlook one of the main parts of their project, doors.  Door types must not only match the rest of the structural elements of the building, but there is a great obligation to make pivot doors especially consistent with window styles.  This is true not only for exterior, but also for interior doors.  With interior doors, there is a sure fire way to make sure to always maintain consistency in terms of style.

Wood Stave Pivot Doors

The Ultimate Solution

The ultimate solution is pivot Doors.  Pivot doors go with virtually every style of window.  They also match well with other elements, including your walls, floors, and ceilings.  From a professional standpoint, you want the customer to be as happy as possible with the end result.  You can achieve this with pivot doors.

Why Large Pivot Doors?

When a pivot door is closed they look better, because you can make any size door for any sized opening  big, broad doorways are becoming an increasing staple of the industry.  Because of that, we recommend large pivot doors. 

Who Should Use Large Pivot Doors

Pivot doors have become an absolute staple for the highest end residential and commercial structures.  They work in many situations where conventional hinge doors will not work.  First of all, they are great when you can’t have a door that slides outward into the room because of space restrictions.  They also can span larger openings.

Built To Exacting Standards (within thousandths of an inch)

Large Pivot Door Considerations

Because of the increased size, large pivot doors must be designed far better to function expertly when compared to conventional doors.  If not manufactured correctly, larger doors are at great risk of warping, cupping, breaking, cracking, or separating.  They also require much more materials to create.  In part, that is why they are more expensive.  Not to mention, they require a larger facility and more man hours to create.  They are also more difficult to hang, because of the size.  Large pivot doors also need much heavier duty hardware that ends up being much more expensive overall.  Many manufacturers build large pivot doors that are far too heavy and too curved to operate properly.

We solve the problem with a number of amazing new improvements in the manufacturing phase.  We are able to build doors that are many times stronger than the competition.  Equally important, our large pivot doors are many times lighter than competing products.  Our doors are also much straighter and dimensionally stable than any other large pivot doors.  Get in touch with us to see what kind of large pivot door you can get from us.

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