Large Wood Pivot Doors

Large Pivot Doors

These Hemlock Pivot doors are warp free thanks to patented and patent pending technologies that allow them to be light weight, perfect straight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

10 Foot Tall Hemlock Pivot Doors at almost 5 feet wide Warp Free and only 123.4 Lbs!

Most architects and designers don’t even know that they can specify a door as large as the American made panels we provide.  The fear is that once the door is built, it will inevitably warp on it’s own. If a large pivot door warps, scars can form on the surface of the door.  Other problems may develop like bending or twisting pivot door can damage the pivot door hardware. Once  compromised,  the energy efficiency of your entire house can drop and cost more than just replacing it.  Security is also a large factor in compromised doors. If there is any cupping or twisting. A warped door can also prevent latching or may not align properly disabling an otherwise secure egress point.

Highest Precision

The comfort of having a warp free door and a strong, lightweight solution is what most contractors, architects and millworks are looking for.  Our hand crafted panels are held to the highest standard of precision, down to 6 thousandths of an inch. 

Millworks and contractors love to work with our panels because they are able to specify exactly what they want and get a beautiful, strong, light weight, and warp free panel. Guaranteed warp free for 50 years. 

Large Pivot Door warp free wood high strength light weight
50 Year Warp Free Guarantee

Whether your application is commercial or residential, for work or for play, pivot doors are the answer. If you are interested, we would be glad to discuss pivot doors with you to find out how we could help you fit your building with pivot doors. Our specialists are known as the best, most knowledgeable in the entire industry when it comes to pivot doors. We spend the extra time to figure out exactly what our customers want.

Large Pivot Doors Warp Free For 50 Years Guaranteed
Proudly Hand Crafted in the United States Of America

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