Top-rated Pivot Door

When you’re in search of the best pivot door made in the USA, you will be seeking out the top-rated pivot door and we believe you can rest assured that you can have everything you want in a pivot door and more if you have our patented core inside your pivot door.

Every Pivot Door Inc pivot door has patented Sing Core inside enabling us to guarantee your pivot door will not warp, bend twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, including a full structural warranty. A 50-year guarantee on a pivot door can’t be found anywhere else, especially if it is a pivot front door.

What are the characteristics of the top-rated pivot door?

Top-rated Pivot Door

The top-rated pivot door is

1. Insulated
2. Lightweight
3. High-strength
4. High-precision
5. Weatherproof
6. Solid as a rock
7. Warp-free
8. Guaranteed

All pivot doors are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 on all these characteristics which enables one pivot door to be measured against any other pivot door side-by-side on an individual basis. The door with the highest marks in all categories emerges as unequivocally the top-rated door. Let’s take a closer look at these categories:

Insulated Pivot Door

If a pivot door is not insulated in some way, it will have the default insulation factor of the material the doors is made of. For instance, if a door is made of wood, it will have an insulation R-value of R1 per inch (pivot door thickness). Advantages of added insulation include increased climate control, separation between adjoining environments, and sound dampening characteristics.

Lightweight Pivot Door

Left to the weight of the raw materials used to manufacture the pivot door, a large wood exterior pivot door could weigh hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds, depending on the size and thickness of the pivot door evaluated. Also, since the weight of the door determines the pivot door hardware to be used for the door, a heavy pivot door will require heavy duty pivot door hardware which could cost many times more than the pivot door, whereas a lightweight door will require less expensive pivot hinges.

High-strength Pivot Door

You don’t want a weak pivot door. In many cases you will trade one trait for another when it comes to deciding between lightweight and high strength. In most cases, when you reduce the weight of the door, you end up with a door that is not as strong. The only way known to have lightweight without having to sacrifice strength is to build with your pivot door with a solid composite reinforced vertical grain torsion box core, which provides you with superior strength (660+ PSI) while still remaining lightweight.

High-precision Pivot Door

Our pivot doors are much more precision based on the over-the-top consistency and accuracy of the patented solid composite core inside. This high precision material espouses the highest tolerances (+/- .006 in.) of any building material, and due to our manual artistry of assembling and pressing all of the components in an earth-friendly we can maintain this consistency over the surface of the material without compromising precision (which may be problematic and toxic, such as welding).

Weatherproof Pivot Door

If your pivot door is an interior pivot door not exposed to the elements, then being weatherproof might not be a consideration. Since the most popular pivot door is a pivot front door then having access to pivot entry doors which are designed to stave off the exposure to weather as in the application of exterior pivot doors, then having a weatherproof pivot door is of huge importance.

Solid as a Rock

Certainly, pivot doors can be made lighter in weight by using lightweight corrugated, honeycomb, tubes, or other materials in the pivot door’s interior (or left completely vacant, as in hollow core pivot doors) to reduce weight and camouflaged by the exterior door skins, but this will not maintain structural integrity and/or high precision of the door. This is why the top-rated pivot door must possess a solid substrate, to protect structural integrity of the door which can be operated regularly over a long period of time. Plus, solid core doors provide additional safety and security.

Warp-free Pivot Door

It is very difficult to make a pivot door free from warp, especially if it is made of a natural wood fiber, or is operated as exterior pivot doors, pivot entrance doors, or as a pivot front door. Exposure to weather, or changes in moisture or barometric pressure, or any other number of factors will cause a pivot door to warp. A warping pivot door will compromise the door seal and left to itself without regular maintenance may render the pivot door as inoperable.

Pivot Door Guarantee

Pivot door guarantees are not hard to come by, most manufactures guarantee their standard-sized pivot doors for one year. But if you have a large pivot door, finding a good warranty or guarantee may not be within reach or possible. In most cases, the better the guarantee, the better the door. A good guarantee can help reduce your exposure following making a large investment in your large pivot door. A good guarantee is a characteristic of a top-rated pivot door.

So, let’s take a look at your pivot door by Pivot Door Inc, to see how it rates as a top-rated pivot door:

No. Characteristic Rating
1. Insulated 8
2. Lightweight 9
3. High-strength 9
4. High-precision 9
5. Weatherproof 9
6. Solid as a rock 9
7. Warp-free 10
8. Guaranteed 10

We think you will agree Pivot Door Inc. pivoting doors are the best top-rated pivot doors made in the USA, and the world.

The only pivot front door with a

50-Year Guarantee

Not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, including full 50-year structure warranty.

Any professional Pivot Door Inc pivoting door of any size (up to 50 ft.), made of any material.

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