Pivot Doors Pivoting Front Doors

Pivot Door Inc is the only pivot door company in the United States introducing the next generation of Eco-friendly pivot doors and pivoting front doors which are lightweight, insulated and stronger than steel pound for pound. Professional pivot doors from Pivot Door Inc can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years and are proudly Made in the USA.

Pivot Doors

There is no doubt that pivot doors, especially large pivot doors, add exponentially to the value of the curb appeal of any structure, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who experiences passing through a large pivot door egress point.

Pivot Door Inc uses proprietary patented pivot door core material to break through the barriers and restrictions which architects, designers, and millworks must struggle to overcome in the most complicated high-end projects including oversized pivot doors.

The biggest problems associated with pivot doors are the size-to-weight ratio and limitations of the materials used in the pivot door’s construction process. Problems with large wooden pivot doors include the heavy weight of the door causing stress and strain on the hardware and the structure with continued use as well as the tendency of natural wood to warp.
Pivot Door Inc’s patented pivot door solution resolves these issues, guaranteed.

Pivoting Front Doors

Pivoting front doors by far pack the most powerful punch in making a lasting first impression but they also present problems associated with failure of the pivoting front door due to exposure. One side of the pivot door faces the structure’s interior which is normally climate controlled while the other side of the door faces the exterior and can be exposed one hundred percent to weather condition.

This presents incredible pressure on the architects, designers and millworks who are charged with accommodating the aesthetic appearance of the pivoting front doors, as specified.

Pivot Door Inc provides millworks and door companies with the only American made Eco-friendly warp-free solution for pivoting doors of any size, up to fifty feet.

Custom Pivot Doors

Being able to manipulate and overcome the complications of the laws of physics as they are related to the building materials used to construct pivot doors by any pivot door company empowers contemporary architects, designers and custom door manufacturers.

Using patented high precision Pivot Door Inc composite solid pivot door core technology (+/- .006 in.) you can build Eco-friendly lightweight pivot doors that weigh-in at a fraction of the weight of their traditional solid pivot door competitors.

Besides natural wood grain pivoting front doors, your custom pivot doors can be made of any available flat building material such as aluminum, brass, bronze, cold rolled steel, fiberglass, FRP, galvanized steel, glass, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, metal, stainless steel, just to name a few.

Your unique custom wooden pivot door can be a one of a kind limited addition lightweight high strength pivot door masterpiece.

Aluminum Pivot Doors

Aluminum pivot doors by Pivot Door Inc are lightweight, stronger than steel, overcoming the limitations which face designers of aluminum doors made of aluminum. The Eco-friendly manufacturing approach employed by our factory results in sustainable metal pivot doors which are manufactured in the United States. This new revolution in metal pivot door technology allows us to make Eco-friendly metal pivot doors of any metal without using dangerous or toxic metal manufacturing methods.

Guaranteed Pivot Doors

Our professional pivot doors are the only pivot doors in the world that can be guaranteed for 50 years not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail, including full structure warranty.

Pivot Door Systems

The latest breakthrough in pivot door systems that has had the most significant impact on the design and performance capabilities of the pivot front door is the secret inside premium pivot entrance doors which have been engineered and manufactured to specs of Pivot Door Inc.

Incorporating the latest generation of pivot doors from Pivot Door Inc. is changing the landscape of pivot door systems across the board. These new technological advancements in pivot entrance doors raises the high-performance standards including such pivot door attributes such as insulated, lightweight, high strength, and warp-free Eco-friendly custom pivot doors.

Pivot Entrance Doors

Pivot entrance door present architects and designers with challenges which must be borne over the life of the door by the end users. Since a pivot front door has one side facing the structure’s interior while the other side faces the weather, the outside elements can cause problems associated with maintaining dimensional stability and potential causing the door seal or security devices to fail periodically. This can be a pivot door maintenance catastrophe.

Wooden Pivot Doors

Up ‘til now, wooden pivot doors have presented pivot door designers and pivot door engineers with a variety of challenges when it comes to incorporating natural wood grains in the pivot entrance door’s design. Why? Because of the nature of the wood’s natural characteristics, wood is one of the heavier building products to work with. Wood grain is so elegant, makes a beautiful pivot front door provides little insulation (R1) while the wood breathes and moves with the slightest change in climate conditions.

The warping of wooden pivot doors, which is magnified mny times if you are building a large pivot door, leaves one wondering if you shouldn’t just abandon the idea of having a wood pivot front door in the first place?

Steel Pivot Door

You could build a weather resistant pivot front door, even a large pivot door out of steel. While this is an excellent way to build a door that will not warp, a steel pivot door is very heavy in weight and if operated regularly will potentially add stress to the structure and hardware causing other expensive problems down the road. That is, unless your steel pivot door is a Pivot Door Inc. steel pivot door, because your heavy steel doors could be a lightweight pivot door which is stronger than steel pound for pound, and the same goes for aluminum pivot doors, or any type of metal pivot doors.

Custom Pivot Doors

Our custom pivot doors can accommodate any pivot door configuration of vertical pivot door application. Each detail of all of our pivot door products are taken into consideration to make certain that your custom pivot door meets or exceeds your high-end performance expectations.

If you and your client expect to have the best pivot doors available, then Pivot Door Inc has the team to back you up for everything from wood pivoting doors to steel pivoting doors and even pivoting room dividers, all which can be fully insulated Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, and be covered by the most impressive guarantee in the pivot door industry.

50-Year Warp-Free Guarantee

Your premium pivot doors systems can feature our premium pivot doors which come backed by our full 50-year warp-free guarantee, which guarantees your exterior pivot doors will not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, including full structure warranty.

No other pivot door can make such incredible claims, and only we can do it thanks to our patented pivot door core material in combination with our patent pending straightener, stiffeners, and anti-warp implants, allowing you to have the best pivot doors.

Why not have the only pivot doors that come with a 50 year warp-free guarantee?

Top-rated Pivot Door

When you’re in search of the best pivot door made in the USA, you will be seeking out the top-rated pivot door and we believe you can rest assured that you can have everything you want in a pivot door and more if you have our patented core inside your pivot door.

Every Pivot Door Inc pivot door has patented Sing Core inside enabling us to guarantee your pivot door will not warp, bend twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, including a full structural warranty. A 50-year guarantee on a pivot door can’t be found anywhere else, especially if it is a pivot front door.

What are the characteristics of the top-rated pivot door?

Top-rated Pivot Door

The top-rated pivot door is

1. Insulated
2. Lightweight
3. High-strength
4. High-precision
5. Weatherproof
6. Solid as a rock
7. Warp-free
8. Guaranteed

All pivot doors are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 on all these characteristics which enables one pivot door to be measured against any other pivot door side-by-side on an individual basis. The door with the highest marks in all categories emerges as unequivocally the top-rated door. Let’s take a closer look at these categories:

Insulated Pivot Door

If a pivot door is not insulated in some way, it will have the default insulation factor of the material the doors is made of. For instance, if a door is made of wood, it will have an insulation R-value of R1 per inch (pivot door thickness). Advantages of added insulation include increased climate control, separation between adjoining environments, and sound dampening characteristics.

Lightweight Pivot Door

Left to the weight of the raw materials used to manufacture the pivot door, a large wood exterior pivot door could weigh hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds, depending on the size and thickness of the pivot door evaluated. Also, since the weight of the door determines the pivot door hardware to be used for the door, a heavy pivot door will require heavy duty pivot door hardware which could cost many times more than the pivot door, whereas a lightweight door will require less expensive pivot hinges.

High-strength Pivot Door

You don’t want a weak pivot door. In many cases you will trade one trait for another when it comes to deciding between lightweight and high strength. In most cases, when you reduce the weight of the door, you end up with a door that is not as strong. The only way known to have lightweight without having to sacrifice strength is to build with your pivot door with a solid composite reinforced vertical grain torsion box core, which provides you with superior strength (660+ PSI) while still remaining lightweight.

High-precision Pivot Door

Our pivot doors are much more precision based on the over-the-top consistency and accuracy of the patented solid composite core inside. This high precision material espouses the highest tolerances (+/- .006 in.) of any building material, and due to our manual artistry of assembling and pressing all of the components in an earth-friendly we can maintain this consistency over the surface of the material without compromising precision (which may be problematic and toxic, such as welding).

Weatherproof Pivot Door

If your pivot door is an interior pivot door not exposed to the elements, then being weatherproof might not be a consideration. Since the most popular pivot door is a pivot front door then having access to pivot entry doors which are designed to stave off the exposure to weather as in the application of exterior pivot doors, then having a weatherproof pivot door is of huge importance.

Solid as a Rock

Certainly, pivot doors can be made lighter in weight by using lightweight corrugated, honeycomb, tubes, or other materials in the pivot door’s interior (or left completely vacant, as in hollow core pivot doors) to reduce weight and camouflaged by the exterior door skins, but this will not maintain structural integrity and/or high precision of the door. This is why the top-rated pivot door must possess a solid substrate, to protect structural integrity of the door which can be operated regularly over a long period of time. Plus, solid core doors provide additional safety and security.

Warp-free Pivot Door

It is very difficult to make a pivot door free from warp, especially if it is made of a natural wood fiber, or is operated as exterior pivot doors, pivot entrance doors, or as a pivot front door. Exposure to weather, or changes in moisture or barometric pressure, or any other number of factors will cause a pivot door to warp. A warping pivot door will compromise the door seal and left to itself without regular maintenance may render the pivot door as inoperable.

Pivot Door Guarantee

Pivot door guarantees are not hard to come by, most manufactures guarantee their standard-sized pivot doors for one year. But if you have a large pivot door, finding a good warranty or guarantee may not be within reach or possible. In most cases, the better the guarantee, the better the door. A good guarantee can help reduce your exposure following making a large investment in your large pivot door. A good guarantee is a characteristic of a top-rated pivot door.

So, let’s take a look at your pivot door by Pivot Door Inc, to see how it rates as a top-rated pivot door:

No. Characteristic Rating
1. Insulated 8
2. Lightweight 9
3. High-strength 9
4. High-precision 9
5. Weatherproof 9
6. Solid as a rock 9
7. Warp-free 10
8. Guaranteed 10

We think you will agree Pivot Door Inc. pivoting doors are the best top-rated pivot doors made in the USA, and the world.

The only pivot front door with a

50-Year Guarantee

Not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, including full 50-year structure warranty.

Any professional Pivot Door Inc pivoting door of any size (up to 50 ft.), made of any material.

Pivot Doors

When you’re in search of the best pivot door to feature as the main entrance feature what might you look for?

Pivot Front Door

First off, you’re going to want a pivot front door that will not fail you and will serve your faithfully over a long period of time with little or no headaches or constant maintenance. This can be tricky because your pivot front door has some challenges, like potential for door warping due to one side being exposed to the exterior and the other to the interior.

Your pivot front door should be lightweight without compromising the overall strength of the pivot door, and if you can have some insulation value, all the better for climate control and sound deadening.

Concerning your pivot front door, the general rule of thumb is,

The Bigger, the Thicker, the Pivot Front Door the Better

Big pivot front doors leave the most lasting impression on those who experience such a magnificent spectacle.

Interior Pivot Door

Your interior pivot door is another story. Interior pivot doors do not have to be quite as big, but insulation is a nice touch for increased separation between two otherwise adjoining areas, with style and elegance. Any way you look at them, interior pivot doors are a classy addition to any interior design.

The Best Pivot Door Systems

The best pivot door systems require a team effort to deliver the best pivot door results. For instance, the designer and the architect have to come up with the initial design, establishing the look and feel of the pivot door. Decisions will have to be made as to the aesthetics, and the selection of materials used in your pivot doors.

Will they be made of natural wood resources, metals, or other synthetic materials?

Then how will the pivot door be built?

If you really want the best large pivoting door available, then you’re going to want to specify Pivot Door Inc’s Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength, reinforced torsion box solid substrate as the core value inside your pivot door.


Because we use the only patented pivot door core that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years. Did you read that right? Yes, you did. Pivot Door Inc uses the only pivot door core in the world that can be used to make a pivot door that can be

Guaranteed Warp-free for 50 Years

Our professional pivot doors, regardless of the size or the material used to manufacture them can be guaranteed.

We specialize in building the pivot doors that are changing the face of contemporary architecture and design across the board, featuring the only non-warp building material, that along with our skilled staff of true flat engineers, can help make a pivot door out of any material, such as any natural wood species, metal, like aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, or other materials such as fiberglass/FRP, HPL, LVL, MDF, or veneer that can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

No matter what style of pivot door you want, like a pivoting pocket door, pivot sliding door, pivot entry doors, pivot patio doors, double pivot doors, you name it. We bring your pivot door designs to life, limited only by your imagination.

Affordable Pivot Doors

While pivot doors are gaining ground among the architects and designers who specify Pivot Door Inc. pivoting doors, there is some concern in terms of pricing as otherwise affordable pivot doors are often expensive to handle because they are very large and oversized.


The Problem with Affordable Pivot Doors

Affordable pivot doors are thicker than average doors and heavy in weight. The large size and heavy weight causes extra costs associated with shipping and handling. Shipping is more expensive because shipping costs are calculated on weight. Handling is more expensive because heavy equipment is necessary for transporting and manipulating the pivot door into place for installation. Pivot door hardware is also based on the affordable pivot door’s weight, so a heavier pivot door will require more expensive heavy duty hardware.

Very Large and Oversized


Thick and Heavy Weight

The large size and heavy weight causes extra costs associated with shipping and handling. Shipping is more expensive because shipping costs are calculated on weight. Handling is more expensive because heavy equipment is necessary for transporting and manipulating the pivot door into place for installation. Pivot door hardware is also based on the affordable pivot door’s weight, so a heavier pivot door will require more expensive heavy duty hardware.

Require Regular Maintenance

Added stress and strain is applied to the door frame and structure when an otherwise affordable pivot door is operated on a regular basis due to the added size and weight requiring regular maintenance on the pivot door and the structure.

Are Prone to Warp or Cupping

The idea of a pivot door – or any door for that matter – is to separate two areas one from the other. Large pivot doors (in fact, any door over 7 ft tall and/or 3.5 ft wide) will warp, bend, twist or cup due to changes in temperature, barometric conditions or other environmental conditions affecting the door’s ability to stay straight and true. If the affordable pivot door warps separation is lost, the door seal is compromised and the affordable pivot door may not latch or may not be able to operate at all.

The Solution for Affordable Pivot Doors

The Pivot Door Inc. solution solves all the problems associated with affordable pivot doors making our doors the only truly affordable pivot doors because they can be:

Very Large, Oversized, Thick and Lightweight

affordable-pivot-doors-large-warp-free-wood-pivot-entry-doorAll Pivot Door Inc. pivot doors feature our patented lightweight insulated torsion box pivot door core inside. Which imbues each door with the unique characteristics of a solid core pivot door featuring the exact size, material and appearance of any style of pivot door, while remaining extremely lightweight and incredibly strong. Independently University tested at 660 PSI, makes Pivot Door Inc’s pivot door core stronger than steel pound for pound.

The pre-insulated core also means greater climate control and noise cancellation between spaces.

Also, the lightweight of Pivot Door Inc. pivot doors, means less shipping, handling, transportation and installation costs, requiring less expensive hardware.

Less Maintenance Over Time

Installing and regularly operating a lightweight high strength Pivot Door Inc door reduces maintenance over time with less stress and strain on the frame and structure, continuing to save even more as time goes on.

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

Your premium affordable pivot door from Pivot Door Inc. is the only pivot door that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years.

The Most Affordable Pivot Doors

Lightweight, high strength Pivot Door Inc. pivoting doors are the most affordable pivot door innovation to be announced to the pivot door industry since the invention of the pivot door.

Pivoting Pivot Door

At Pivot Door Inc., we’ve been assisting in the building the best pivot doors for years, though you’re unlikely to be able to walk into your favorite door store and say, “Hi, I want a Pivot Door Inc. pivot door, please.” And you’re likely not to find one on display wherever pivot doors are on sale. Why?


Because we only help pivot door manufacturers and millworks who specialize in creating only the best pivot doors for the most discriminating customers throughout the USA and the world. It’s not our name that’s on the door, because we neither do the pivot door finishing nor the pivot door hardware.

The key component of the best pivot doors is having Pivot Door Inc. create the lightweight, high strength heart of the pivot door. Deep inside the best pivot doors, you will find our patented pivoting door substrate that weighs in at a fraction of other solid pivot door cores and stronger than steel pound for pound (660 PSI) which enables your favorite pivot door manufacturer to create a pivoting door that will not fail.

Wood Pivot Door

wood-pivot-doorThe wood pivot door is the most sought after pivoting door due to its ornate elegance. There’s nothing more elegantly pleasing to the eye than the visual impact of a solid wood pivot door. They are especially more impressive, the larger and thicker they are. Unfortunately, wood is a fickle organic material with wood grain that moves and shifts according to environmental changes.

That’s where we come in. We provide millworks and pivot door manufacturers with a torsion box pivot door base material that is impervious to the natural characteristic of natural wood’s propensity to bend or cup. Now, pivot door builders can make warp-free wood pivot doors as impervious to potential failure as solid steel that are featherweight in comparison.

Exterior Pivot Door

pivot-doorExterior pivot doors offer challenges due to being exposed to the elements. As we’ve already established, our pivot door core material solves the problems associated with the tendency of the pivot door, especially if it’s a large exterior pivot door, to fail due to compromise.

That said, there is an additional benefit of having our solution inside your pivoting door; we pack the pivot door’s torsion box structure interior wall-to-wall with rigid foam insulation. This adds a respectable R value to the door for added separation from the elements, while saving energy costs and adding sound deadening qualities thereby increasing both safety and security, resulting in a better exterior pivot door, that could be made of any material such as a natural wood pivot door, steel pivot door, or any kind of metal pivot door including (but not limited to) aluminum pivot doors and pivot French doors exterior.

Specialty Pivot Doors

steel-pivot-doorWe help the best pivot door builders create the most amazing pivoting doors. Our process presents the highest degree of precision in pivot door interior substrates boasting the highest tolerances (+/- .006 in.). This high tolerance can be critical when maintaining flatness which maintains a high precision door seal over time, but can also bring additional high performance features enabling the architect or designer to create even more exquisite pivot doors.

For instance, a pivot sliding door operates best over time if the sliding pivot door remains straight and true, for any movement may compromise the operation of the pivot sliding door. This is also carries a high degree of importance when considering other pivot door hybrids, like a pivoting pocket door, which pivots as well as conceals and secures within a pocket making it an invisible door to the naked eye.

Warped doors are problematic for multifunctional and operational pivot doors combining one or more types of pivot door and/or sliding door hardware. The last thing you want is to compromise your pivot sliding door fitting.

Pivot Door Guarantee

If you have Pivot Door Inc. inside your pivoting door, you can have a 50 year no-fail warranty. That’s right, your architectural pivot door can be guaranteed not to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail (including full structural warranty) for 50 years. That’s the difference between a pivot door inc and any other pivoting door that does not have the benefits of our patented substrate and engineered pivoting door base system.

Feng Shui Front Door Pivot Door

Among the most high end mansions and luxury homes, we are seeing a trend to replace exterior door to transition from a traditional front door to a large pivoting feng shui front door.

The pivoting front door meets many specifications of feng shui designers and consultants to create a greater flow of energy throughout these million dollar homes and luxury mansions.

East and southeast feng shui front door natural wood warp free pivot door

According to the seng shui architectural engineers, when the front door is a Feng Shui pivot door it allows the most smooth flow of energy through the front entrance.

The feng shui front door is the key component, like an energetic funnel, channeling balanced and harmonious feng shui Chi energy throughout the home. Traditional hinge door hardware pinches energy along the side and may not open fully, like a pivoting feng shui front door, though a large hinged double door appears to allow a great deal of energy flow through the front entrance as well.

Characteristics of the most effective pivoting feng shui front door include large size. The feng shui front door should be the largest door in the house so as to attract and invite all the positive energy through this area creating a positive energy flow.

An oversized pivot door can be difficult to manufacture without requiring a great deal of constant maintenance due to the tendency of solid wood to move according to heat, sunlight and moisture. Pivot Door Inc is assisting all feng shui designers and architects to solve these problems by providing a warp-free large wood pivot door that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail – including full structural integrity – for 50 years.

feng shui front door warp free pivot door wood grain

Best Front Door Colors

Feng shui door colors are also of primary concern to the attraction of the most positive energy flow, for instance, if the wood feng shui door faces the North it should be painted dark blue or black, while facing Southerly it should be painted red in color. If your feng shui front door faces West or Northwest it should be painted ochre or yellow. Southwest and northeast facing feng shui front doors should be white, while East and southeast feng shui front door maintain their natural wood finish colors.

Another key component to managing the flow of Chi energy to your feng shui front door is of considerable importance, street facing is preferred. If not alternative methods of attracting positive Chi energy includes adding energy attractors, like lights, landscaping, plants or flags that funnel the flow of Chi energy to your feng shui front door.

Affordable Feng Shui Pivot Doors

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the benefits of a high performance Pivot Door Inc pivoting feng shui front door and their use is not restricted to only expensive houses. In fact, by incorporation the feng shui concept of channeling Chi energy throughout your existing home, by following these same principles and applying them to your existing front entrance, by increasing the size of your door opening, installing a Pivot door Inc large wood feng shiu front door and finishing it appropriately. By increasing the flow of positive Chi energy, you will enjoy increased happiness and prosperity in your home; possibly enough energy to attract your own luxury mansion house.

Pivoting Door Pivot Doors

Wonder why upscale architectural projects are featuring big pivot doors in their design? It certainly is the trend to feature a massive pivot door as your primary focal point in your front entrance door. Pivot doors do not have to be large in size but nothing makes a more impactful impression as the oversized pivot doors.

pivot door warp free modern pivot doors exotic woods high end homes

As amazing as large pivot doors are, there are some issues that are problematic when managing them in many stages of the “I want a big pivot door!” experience.

The most important decision to make when considering the manufacture of a large pivoting door is

What materials will be used in the composition of the pivot door?

Not only the appearance is determined by the exterior material of large pivot doors, but the expertise of the pivot door craftsman comes into play, relying on outside sources to help mitigate the problems associated with weight, strength and/or potential failure due to warp (bend, twist or cup). These are the first items to consider.

Pivot Door Weight

lightweight pivot door stronger than steel pound for pound warp free insulated pivoting doorLarge pivot doors are going to be heavy, the bigger the door, the more it is going to weigh. This heavy weight door poses many problems. First off, the due to the size and weight of the door, transporting and managing the door for installation is expensive, requiring extra equipment, labor, energy consumption and additional risk of on the job injury. Not to mention extra stress and strain on the structure as well as more expensive heavy duty hardware required (based on the heavy pivot door weight).

It is reasonable to decide a composite pivoting door with an alternative lightweight core is the logical conclusion. The only problem with lightweight pivot door cores is that they fail to offer much in the way of structural strength.

Pivot Door Strength

high strength lightweight wood pivot doors stronger than steel pivoting door demonstrationA strong pivoting door is essential, especially if you’re going to traverse down the path of a composite pivot door utilizing different materials.

Our patented solution eliminates the concern of failing pivot doors, because our process is all about maintaining structural integrity, with our lightweight 660 PSI (stronger than steel pound for pound) solution.

Another concern is structural integrity. What good is an excellently specified and engineered large architectural pivot door, if it fails to stand the test of time? Our patented pivot door solutions can be structurally guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

Warp-free Large Pivot Door

warp free pivot doors non warping pivoting doors lgihtweight stronger than steelAnother key consideration when considering a large oversized pivot door, is managing the warping of the pivot door following installation. While door seals and latches may line up perfect upon installation, large doors will tend to move. Wood pivot doors, even if composited, will warp due to the nature of the natural wood itself, as it will bend, twist or cup due to changes in moisture or weather patterns.

Our premium warp-free solution combines our lightweight, structural core material with patented stiffener technology to prevent large pivot doors from warping. In fact, we build the only warp-free large pivoting doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for a full 50 years.

Additional Pivot Door Qualities

Insulated Pivot Doors

When your no-fail pivot doors have our patented lightweight structural solution inside, we also pre-pack your pivot door with insulation which allows your end user (and you) the ability to enjoy a pivoting door that also offers:

Additional Safety and Security
Better Climate Control
More Privacy

The built-in insulation imbues the pivot door with effective R-value not associated with pivot doors lacking in insulation as well as sound deadening qualities.

Pivot door inc modern pivot door warp free wood pivot door


Modern Pivot Doors

This new generation of modern pivot doors delivers high performance as our patented pivot door core sports the highest tolerance (+/- .006 inch). Much higher than any other solution for added accuracy for a perfectly straight pivot door (much higher than AWI’s architectural pivot door standards).

Warp-free Wood Pivot Doors

Using our patented solution your can now feature a large front wooden door that does not warp and can be guaranteed both structurally and to never fail for 50 years guaranteed.

This is a huge advantage of matching our warp-free pivot door technology with natural grain wood (any available wood species) to yield the perfect pivoting front wooden door.

Join the revolution of warp-free wood pivot doors by contacting us today for more information.

Steel Pivot Door Alternatives

Among all the varieties of pivot doors increasing in demand by architects and designers are steel pivot doors. The top four steel doors that are commonly requesting on a continuous basis are:

1. Stainless steel pivot doors
2. Galvanized steel pivot doors
3. Cold rolled steel pivot doors
4. Hot rolled steel pivot doors

Among other trending metal pivot doors, the most popular are:

1. Copper pivot doors
2. Aluminum pivot doors
3. Brass pivot doors
4. Bronze pivot doors

large metal pivot doors

Metal Pivot Doors

Basically, all Pivot Door Inc metal pivot doors can accommodate any type and variety of available metal on the door, though the most popular types of metal are aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, brass, cold rolled steel, bronze and hot rolled steel.

Aluminum Pivot Doors

Our aluminum pivot doors are built by hand in our factory in Washington State in the pristine Pacific Northwest of the Unites States of America using a process focused on Eco-friendly metal manufacturing methods which preserve the environment as an alternative to traditional metal working which creates a toxic impact on the environment as well as not an efficient use of energy expended in the process.

Alternative to Steel Frame Doors

Our metal pivot doors are lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound. We are able to provide the most high precision metal pivot doors because we do not use interior welding that causes weak spots and surface irregularities. There is no better pivot door alternative available today.

Custom Steel Pivot Doors

Any design and any style of custom steel pivot doors are within the reach of anyone, because our affordable steel pivot doors are more high performance than any other lightweight steel pivot doors with the decided advantage of being the only Eco-friendly custom steel doors that are fully guaranteed for both structure integrity and warp-free steel pivot doors.

Solid Steel Pivot Doors

Hot rolled steel pivot doorsOur steel pivot doors are solid through and through but they are not solid steel. The secret is the patented composite steel pivot door substrate used that is a combination of small torsion box grid structure, where the voids are filled wall-to-wall with rigid foam insulation for a solid non-warping underlying structure with unparalleled shear strength. This is how we accomplish all the strength of solid steel doors, with higher precision and a fraction of the weight for a uncompromising sustainable stainless steel pivot front door.

Large Metal Pivot Door

37 ft tall metal pivot doorsThe large metal pivot door whether it is made of aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, brass, cold rolled steel, bronze or hot rolled steel, are problematic due to the excessive weight. These heavy weight large metal pivot doors create huge problems for architects and designers in the areas of potentially compromising the structure due to stress as well as requiring heavy duty pivot door hardware which is not only expensive to purchase and install, but will likely also require regular maintenance throughout the life of the pivot door.

Architectural Pivot Door Solution

Finally, there is a solution for architects and designers who are in the business of specifying their architectural pivot doors. The solution for most of the problems that face end users who either desire or need large metal architectural doors, is here, thanks to the patented solution inside all Pivot Door Inc pivot doors – even large oversized pivot doors, of any size – up to 50 feet tall and/or wide.

50 Year Metal Pivot door Guarantee

Your premium metal pivot door can be guaranteed to be fully insulated, warp-free with full structure integrity guaranteed not to fail for a full 50 years. No other Eco-friendly lightweight metal pivot door company can guarantee for 50 years, without using our patented pivot door non-warping core material.

Contact us for more information today.

Stainless Steel Pivot Wall w/pivoting & sliding doors

Pivoting Door

We are so glad to be the supplier of the most prestigious pivot door manufacturers with our premium pivot door blanks to create some of the most impressive and elegant large pivot doors in the world that can be guaranteed to be warp-free for 50 years.

pivot wall pivoting door warp free maple wood pivot door pivoting wallWe are so fortunate to be able to provide such a valuable service to the pivot door community. Even the most high end pivot door companies tell us that, “the problem with pivot doors is they warp.” They are so grateful when we can provide them with warp-free pivot doors for their best clients.

Pivot Door Inc large pivot doors can be made in any style of pivot door in any size, up to 50 ft. tall and still be guaranteed not to warp. The doors can be designed to have any appearance or feature any surface material for either classic or modern pivot doors. This also makes them in high demand as high end architectural replacement doors and they can be featured in historical restorations and in old houses seamlessly.

Increasingly, we are being specified by architects in the design of their pivot doors for that very reason; they know our architectural pivot doors are the only warp free pivot door.

When specified as a pivot front door, your Pivot Door Inc pivoting door can have the look and feel of a traditional solid pivot door at a fraction of the weight without compromising strength. Our door substrates are constructed using a proprietary patented core material that is high precision, and has been University tested to be stronger than steel pound per pound.

A pivot main door has problems, mostly because you have varying climates on either side of the door. The nature of the material featured on the exterior surfaces of the pivot door will cause it to bend, this way or that, compromising both the door and the door’s seal. The failed door will require a service visit from your door company or contractor. Not so, if you have a door that does not fail.

Millworks and wood workers enjoy working with our Eco-friendly pivot door core because you can use regular wood working tools and methods to work with the material.

architectural steel pivot door haot rolled steel pivot sliding door hardwareArchitectural steel pivot doors can now outperform the architectural steel doors of the past thanks to this new revolutionary material for building high performance architectural steel doors. The core pivot door material has extremely high tolerances (+/- .006 in.) and the external steel surfaces are bonded with the best formaldehyde-free adhesives to the solid composite substrate.

Pivot Wall. A contemporary use of our lightweight, high-strength pivot doors is as a pivoting wall, where each pivot door is used as a rotating wall panel. Many of these pivot wall panels can be placed side by side on a pivoting sliding door track, so that in the opened position, the doors can be both swiveled and slid aside for wide open access as a new generation of room divider.

You can get the most advanced custom large pivot door blanks by contacting your favorite pivot door manufacturer or while reviewing pivot doors designs in your main door design catalogue. You may find pivot doors made with our pivot door core material inside. While our pivot door panels make the best pivot doors, we don’t actually complete or finish the doors. The finish work is left to the pivot door manufacturer or millwork to make ready for installation.

Large pivot doors do not have to necessarily be the most expensive door and they can still be warp-free. You may be surprised to learn that our doors are affordable pivot doors and due to being so lightweight, you can use less expensive pivot door hardware, even when using a large pivot. The less expensive entrance door hardware will also be less likely to fail due to the increased performance of your pivot door.

Whether you are designing and pivot door, a pivot door manufacturer, working with a pivot door manufacturer or millwork on a custom pivot door project, be sure to mention, “I want a warp free pivot door.” We will set your pivot door free from warping and guarantee it not to warp or structurally fail for 50 years.